REVIEW: The Impossible

Based on a true story and seeing the trailer I knew this film would be an emotional voyage and I don’t normally get emotional about films but this one…oh my goodness. It’s amazing and I think very realistic. It’s not for the faint hearted (there was even signs at the cinema saying people should may not watch it because it was so realistic and upsetting. Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor were amazing – i’m not surprising that after seeing it Reese Witherspoon wrote a letter to Naomi Watts saying how amazing she was in the film. The three kids were very good especially Tom Holland who plays the eldest Lucas. Now I had water in my eyes three times and tried to eat popcorn to stop it. I don’t think it work though. Although I didn’t cry.


I had water in my eyes when the three kids near the end found each other.

I had water in my eyes when Karl said where his family was when it happened. He was in the hotel safe.

But the time when I had the most water in my eyes was when Ewan McGregor’s character Henry made a call home. After going to a some shelter place, he and others talk about where they and there family members were when it happened. Henry (McGregor) tells everyone his story and Karl lends him his nearly dead battery phone. Henry calls to a family member back at home and started explaining what happened and then bursts into tears. And I mean he really gets upset. Boy, my eyes were so watery.


The film overall, though not happy apart from the beginning before the tsunami and at the end, the film was very emotional and the actors were amazing. The film and more important Naomi Watts and (especially in my eyes) Ewan McGregor, and possibly Tom Holland, should get awards for it. Hopefully an Oscar for amazing performances and making it very believable and realistic.


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