Les Misérables

Now I have never seen Les Misérables (probably not the best start to a blog post to attract people but hey, I’ll carry on) but I knew it was about the French revolution. My two friends asked if I wanted to go yesterday (Friday 11th January 2013) to see the film musical and gladly I said yes. Now, it may sound bad to those mad-loving fans of Les Misérables but I didn’t know it was constant singing all the way through (apart from a couple of spoken words), I thought it was like other musicals like Hairspray, Shrek, Rocky Horror Picture Show where the cast sings a song, stops and then talk and then sing a song again etc etc. So I found it weird at first to get a sense for it, just because I didn’t expect constant singing but within fifteen minutes I got used to it and could understand what was happening. The cast I thought was superb and I can understand clearly why Hugh Jackman has been nominated for an Oscar for his role, and although Anne Hathaway is only in the film for like 20 minutes she was very good in her role too. I did have three problems/ things I didn’t like about it.

1) When Amanda Seyfried sang, it was high pitch and sometimes she voice was trembling (for the portrayal of the character), shaky-like and I found it difficult to understand what she was saying, especially whilst she sang with other characters. Don’t get me wrong, Seyfried can sing I just found it difficult at points.

2) Russell Crowe, every time he sang he would go back to the original song he sang. He would join in a song and then the music would change and he would sing a verse or chorus form his first track. I know all the characters do this, as a way to portray the character and who they are, and I didn’t mind it when they did it during One Day More but when Crowe did it I found it really annoying.

3) The young blonde-haired boy in the film who is called Gavroche has a strong confident London accent in it but the film is set in Paris, France. What the heck is that about?


Overall, I actually did quite like it, my friend sat next to me cried, and she make two loud sob noises when it was a really quiet moment. But I have to say i wouldn’t mind seeing it again to understand it more. I liked it, liked the cast, and thought Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter made the film humorous at times too. Like I said I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.


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