Django Unchained

So Friday 18th Jan 2013 was the UK release of Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Django Unchained – my first Tarantino film at the cinema when it has come out (I watched Reservoir Dogs at the cinema on Tuesday 15th Jan as it was the 20th anniversary and for that day only it was at the cinema). Anyway, the film, Django Unchained, is a great film and has a great cast (even Jonah Hill is in it for a short while). Christoph Waltz has been nominated an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, which I think he deserves. However, I am quite surprised, like many others, that Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays the villain Calvin Candie (great name), has not also been nominated for an Oscar in the same category. Especially as in the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio confronts Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx’s characters he actually cuts his hand when slamming in into the table. Leo continued on with the scene (and blood can be seen on it) which Quentin Tarantino called “mesmerising’. I just think it’s amazing when characters have determination and carry on with things that aren’t planned and go to extreme lengths to get the character right. (Plus if you watch that film you definitely see how mad/evil Calvin Candie can be. Anyway, at some points in the middle I was hoping for something more (more action I think) but overall I really really did like it and the cast was amazing and the jokes/action was amazing too. You should definitely go and see it if you haven’t yet.

All of Tarantino’s film really make me want to write films or radio (as I am studying Radio Production) scripts like his films.

Django Unchained: 8.4/10


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