Wreck-It Ralph and Cloud Atlas

So during the Christmas holidays I finished reading Cloud Atlas and couldn’t wait to see the film which came out at the end of February 2013 (when in the US it came out in October 2012).  Anyway before Cloud Atlas i will mention about Wreck-It Ralph, which I also watched this week. Boy did I love Wreck-It Ralph. It was funny, amazing visuals, great casting and a good storyline. Oh, and some good references to games and sweets. I never saw the twist at the end (don’t want to say what it is though) and if I had to say one bad thing it would be that I wished nearer the beginning, for like fifteen minutes, I wish Ralph went into other games. However, Disney thought very carefully about how the plot could work and boy did it.

Wreck-It-Ralph: 7.4/10

Now Cloud Atlas. I read the book, so I knew what was happening, and I heard about how the film was nearly 3 hours long but yesterday me and my friend went to see it. Although the film flipped from one story to another maybe just too many times for me, I did however love the film. The casting was great and although some accents didn’t sound right they were still OK and bearable to listen to. You can see instead of doing it like the book, where you look at half of the six stories first (from the oldest one to the futuristic one) and then back down the line again, the directors made the stories flow really well together and made it so the characters were experiencing the same emotions at the same time. Be prepared for a long sit down at the cinema, but personally I loved it and I hope you love Cloud Atlas too. After all,what is an ocean but a multitude of drops?

Cloud Atlas: 8.2/10

Here is the Cloud Atlas Sextet for Orchestra:


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