Oz: The Great And Powerful

Now I don’t want to write loads so I won’t. Hopefully.

When I heard about the film, Oz: The Great and Powerful I was excited. Overall, I liked the film yet there were some things that I guess could have been better. The cast was good. Michelle Williams was great as Glinda the Good witch. Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis were also OK. OIn fact when you first see Mila Kunis in the red clothing she is very hot… and also kind, good acting etc etc.  And to be honest when I heard James Franco was playing Oz, I was, like everyone else curious and at the beginning I didn’t warm to him but then at the end I did. yet when you think about it that’s what is meant to happen as Oz starts as a not very nice and caring guy to becoming a great and kind man.

I thought the effects were amazing and really liked the fact I watched it 3D because it made the film look so more enchanting and more like a fantasy. But the make-up for the witch (so as to spoil) when one of them is green could have been done so much better. The green witch looked more comical than scary. I remember when I first watched The Wizard of Oz and like many of you I was scared of the witch but here not so much.

And also it did take a while for me to get into the film: for it actual begin. The black and white beginning was fine yet even when Oz arrived in Oz (makes sense) it wasn’t until Oz met Theodora when the film really kicked in for me. (Not because Mila Kunis is hot but because that’s when things start to happen. Not that!). If I’m honest I didn’t like how it turned from black and white to colour.

Despite me saying a couple of bad things, I did like it. I enjoyed the plot, the characters, the funny jokes, (the music was OK) and the effects. But is it as good as The Wizard of Oz? No. Everyone knew it before it was released. Why was it not as good? Because when The Wizard of Oz was released it was ground-breaking – one of the first feature-length films in colour and because of it, it took everyone’s breath away. Oz: The Great and Powerful didn’t set a new barrier for films. Like I said the effects were amazing but had it been released a few years ago and be the first feature-length films in 3D then everyone, like when The Wizard of Oz was released, would have also had their breaths taken away. Just like one of my friends said yesterday when they saw it, I liked seeing it but wouldn’t buy it when it is released on DVD. I do recommend you see it because it is linked of one of the greatest films ever and on it’s own is a good film.

Oz: The Great and Powerful: 6.4/10


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