Iron Man 3

So last night I went to a midnight screening of Iron Man 3 and I loved it. I personally think it’s the best out of the three. And there is a lot of humour. I won’t lie, at one point I forgot why the villain was doing what he or she was doing. But anyway there were twists and turns and the film focused a lot about Tony Stark and his problems – I personally wish there was more from the villain or villains. If you are a fan of the marvel movies you will love this film and if you are a fan of the comic books than you may be slightly annoyed with one point (something to do with the or a villain) – you’ll know what it is when you watch the film. But overall, I really liked it  – action; loveable characters (great cast), lots of humour and explosions and it was a great way to be the aftermath of aliens attacking NY in the Avengers.


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