Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek: Into Darkness – great film and a great sequel. I would say maybe (but I would have to watch it again to make sure) that it was better than the first one. As the director has said, you don’t really have to see the first one to understand this film – though there are a couple of lines, which relate back to the first film.

The cast is great and Cumberbatch, hats off, was a great villain and was very scary. If I had to have a bad thing about this film it would be that I would have wanted the villain doing more bad stuff – I mean don’t get me wrong the character and actor was great but I wish there was more of the character in the film (so I’m blaming the script writer haha) and a chance to see him cause more mayhem. There is the right amount of humour, action and tense moments to make the film superb. SPOILER!… But overall, a great film and it seems as if  as though the director likes to go back to the first film as they get rid of the villain by using their villain’s weapon to stop them. Loved it – one of the best films I have seen this year (may have liked it more than Iron Man 3 –  8/10.


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