The Great Gatsby

So there has been mixed reviews about this film, which was directed by Baz Luhrmann (known for Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge! and Australia). However, I really liked this film. Let me explain why. Firstly the film (I don’t want to get too much into it) is about the general stuff like love, romance, betrayal, trust, lies etc etc but it is mainly about the past and the future and how Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio) wants to be with Daisy (Mulligan) and after not being with her for five years wants to make up for the time lost. Now remember that it is about wanting to repeat the past (a line in the film and trailer) with the love one but be in the future, Luhrmann has worked with the famous Jay-Z and created a soundtrack which some people do not think fits with the film. However, I think it works perfectly. Although there is a little too much of Jay-Z singing at the beginning, the music in the film is about mixing the past and the future together. They have created new music which is futuristic and very much today’s dance music whilst keeping hold of the amazing 1920’s music influences and instruments (listen to’s Bang Bang for example). The music relates to the film about wanting to be in the past yet still moving forward into the future. It works OK. 

The cinematography and costumes are great and really set the scene. You can easy imagine how big the ‘roaring twenties’ were back then and how unique they were with all the parties.

The cast were great and I really think suited the characters well (yes even Tobey Maguire – though I have preferred someone else – never really liked him). DiCaprio was amazing. I have always wanted him to win an Oscar and I hope this does it for him (or least he gets an Oscar soon).

I do wish though, speaking about the cast, that Isla Fisher’s Myrtle was in the film more and that Tom (Edgerton – Daisy’s husband) was more violent or was more evil. Don’t get me wrong what he did at the end was evil but I guess I was wanting more. Plus I think Nick (Maguire), who kept being the narrator, spoke too much as the narrator. I mean there was one bit where Gatsby loses it and nearly hits Tom, and then Nick being the narrator says ‘he that look as though he just killed someone’. That was it. No offence but it was pointless to say that – it’s a film we could see the anger and shock that was in Gatsby’s face. We could tell what was happening. There was a couple of narrations that did not need to be in the film.

Anyway, the film I thought was really good (even though Daisy is a complete BEEEEEPPPPP at the end and I felt sorry for Gatsby). I would happy see the film again. Some of the 3D bits (I saw it in 3D) could have been better, like when there is a car accident (you see part of it in the trailer) – that could have been done to make look as though Luhrmann wasn’t trying so hard to make it specifically for 3D. The cast as I said was great and I loved the mixing today’s music with the past. The film evokes emotions – excitement, anger, happiness and there are even some funny moments –  and you really feel for the characters. I personally would say 8.6/10.


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