The Big Wedding & Behind The Candelabra

Thought I would do a quick blog about two films I have seen over the last week and a half. Last week I saw The Big Wedding, which although there wasn’t much publicity, there was a great cast. And because there hasn’t been any publicity about it you expect it to be a sort of average film: A film just to watch so you can waste an hour and a bit. However, it was funnier and better than what I expected. Never judge a film people before you’ve seen it – 6/10.

And just now I have come back from seeing Behind The Candelabra, which stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon along with with an incredible cast. I’ve seen interviews and trailers for the film and thought it looked good. And it was. The chemistry and performance between Douglas and Damon is great. And although the film it about how they get together and fall about (with some serious talks/ themes) there was the right balance of comedy to make the film spectacular. And (POTENTIAL SPOILER) if you want to see a film where Matt Damon is having sex then this is the film for you – even if it is with Michael Douglas as Liberace.

Just a mention Rob Lowe is in the film as a plastic surgeon and although e is only in a few scenes he is so funny and steals the scenes.

Overall, a great film that looks behind the scenes (or candelabra in this case) of Liberace – and I enjoyed it even if the guy sat behind me took his shoes off and was barefoot. 8/10.


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