Man of Steel

I have just seen the Man of Steel and thought I would quickly recommend it. It’s the first thing I like that is Superman-related. I have never been interested in the other Superman films, the original TV series or Smallville. And yet I liked this film, there isn’t as much laughs as there is in the Batman (Dark Knight) trilogy or any of the Marvel films but there are some. And I am so glad that the villain for the first reboot wasn’t Lex Luthor because I’m being honest he was the only villain I ever knew or heard about for Superman. So that fact the villain is someone different, I’m already liking it. And Michael Shannon was great in it. Like most films, I wish the villain was in more scenes but hey ho, the film has been made and there’s nothing I can do about it. Some can argue that General Zod (Shannon) is not really villain – he wanted to  adapt Earth to his species needs so he could keep his species alive – even if that meant everyone on Earth dying. Henry Cavill was good, as was Amy Adams and everyone in the cast. Crowe is in more scenes than you think. The effects were amazing as were the fighting scenes. In the effects/story side, I loved the part when the machines/spaceships (can’t remember the actually names) were changing the Earth’s mass and every now and then the gravitation pull would pick up parts of a building, cars or people and then throw them back down to the ground – like someone hitting a large hammer on the ground and things around it jumped. 

Overall, I really enjoyed and would probably see it again in the cinema (with others) just so I can enjoy it again and notice anything different  – My view: 8.0/10.

Finally, I just had to add this on here because I laughed quite a bit. My favourite quote from the film is: (NOT A SPOILER)

General Zod (the villain) is speaking to Superman:

General Zod: I was born a warrior. I have been trained all my life to be one. And where have you been trained?…On a farm?!!!
Woah woah woah, let’s not hurt the farmers. Some are quite strong.


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