World War Z

World War Z. Now I’ve heard that many people think it will flop because of how much it cost to make but from what I’ve heard it’s doing OK. It doesn’t deserve to be a flop. Brad Pitt is good in the film and although Mireille Enos (from the American version of The Killing – great actress. In this film she plays Pitt’s wife) is not in many scenes she is good in the ones she is in. Word War Z is not your typical zombie movie – it’s not focusing on escaping from the zombies and killing them to get somewhere safe (though to a degree the humans are trying to escape from and kill if necessary – if you think of Zombieland or Dawn of the Dead, heck even Shaun of the Dead, World War Z is not like them), World War Z is about after escaping and trying to find a solution to kill them; they believe if they find the source of where it came from they can find a way to destroy it. Along the way Pitt’s character learns more about what happened and finds new ways of how to solve the problem. There is one scene where it is obviously what is going to happen – when Brad Pitt is in Israel – people shouldn’t sing when there are zombies hanging around near you.

There are some jump moments in the film ( I don’t like horror or jumpy films – except Scream) and yes I had to keep my eyes down because I was slightly worried one might pop out of nowhere but the final scenes are what make the film tense. I won’t say anything so that I am not spoiling anything but the final scenes are tense because of the situation and what may happen or what Pitt’s character and others may do. There’s even a little humour at the end of the film – and technically although it isn’t meant to be, people in the cinema laughed at the noises they zombie made and when they chattered their teeth – they made noises like a pterodactyl. There is one scary moment – it’s not a jumpy moment so I am not spoiling anything – I want to mention. There is a scene where a female zombie is being enclosed in a glass room. She can smell the humans and will glare at them. I can’t explain why but it was a scary moment for me. I mean imagine if it was real and you were in a room with other humans and you had a female zombie in a smaller glass room in your room. Just staring at you and wanting to bite you. Creepy. Overall an average 7.2/10 – it’s not a typical zombie movie.


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