Recap & Films I’ve Seen Recently

I’m sorry i haven’t blogged in ages. I have been busy on my work placement still – after doing two weeks they asked if I wanted to stay on for the rest of the summer, and of course I said YES!

I am at my radio station work placement from monday to friday and at the weekend I just relax and read some books or go to the cinema. Here are some films I have seen recently.

The World’s End: 6.4/10

The Heat: 8.0/10

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa: 6.2/10

Red 2: 7.0/10

We’re The Millers: 8.0/10

The Way Way Back: 8.2/10

The Lone Ranger: 7.3/10 – Don’t listen to the critics – it’s hilarious!

I recommend you watch We’re The Millers because it’s a family trip holiday film with a twist. It’s dam right hilarious.

I’ve just come back from The Way Way Back and I really liked it. I really like coming-of-age films – especially after reading and seeing The Perks Of Being A Wallflower – and i think the directors/writers Jim Rash and Nat Faxon did a great job. It’s happy, sad, funny, very funny, cute and my only downside to it is that the film should be longer. Go see it!

I should also mention that The Heat is frickin’ hilarious! Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are a great comedy duo and this shows that the ladies in the police force know how to kick some butt… and shake some dance moves!


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