REVIEW: About Time

About Time – it’s been out for a while but I eventually went to see it with two of my mates (one of whom was crying and crying at the end of the film). The rom-com was different to others and although I am not a massive fan of the genre, the film was really good. The main actors are great and you really want their characters to end up together and hope everything will be OK for them. There are some laughing moments and Richard Curtis (the director) easily makes the small things funny (e.g. an actor forgetting his lines or the main male character’s Uncle). it’s worth seeing but just be prepared if you can easily cry… which by the way I didn’t.

About Time: 7.0/10

Highlight of the Day: A lecturer at Uni was talking about CAT points and said ‘so altogether there is 90 CATs’ to which my friend behind me then went ‘MEOW’ – I don’t why but it made me laugh loads. It was the same friend who cried at the cinema.

Lowlight of the Day: After already doing my work placement during the Summer I went to a Work Placement lecture today, which was mostly about how to get a work placement. (Luckily some of it was what you do after it – portfolio etc)


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