REVIEW: Prisoners

Prisoners. When you hear the title of the film… and say you’ve no idea what it is about,  you would expect the film to be focusing on some prisoners in a prison/jail – that’s what most of us would first assume. But the new thriller movie, Prisoners, is not about that; the film is about two girls from two close friendly families disappearing together and how one of the fathers, Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman), tries his hardest to find information and keep his family together whilst Detective Loki – no it’s not Loki from Marvel trying to hide from Thor and the rest of the Avengers – who is played by Jake Gyllenhaal, searches for the criminal who has taken the girls and find out what he or she has done to them.

You think at first the cops may have the criminal who did it, their first and main suspect, Alex Jones (Paul Dano) – who funnily has the same name as one of my friends so that was amusing – but soon enough you realise he knows nothing until outside he whispers something to Keller Dover – does he know what happens?

The film pushes the limits and before you think you know who is involved with the disappearance of the girls, you have no idea and are back to being puzzled as Loki. There are so many twists and when somethings unravel as the film approaches the end you will be surprised with the results – I was. The film pours on guilt, crimes, punishment and hope and is a really great suspense thriller – which I have not seen in the cinema for a while.

Jackman is superb at being the lost father who is torn between anger and misery and Dano is terribly awesome at being…well you’ve have to watch it to understand why I think he is amazing in the film. But the main actor who surprises me at how superb he is, is Jake Gyllenhaal. Now I don’t know why but in others films I’ve never liked Gyllenhaal – he’s OK in The Day After Tomorrow but that’s all I can stand – and I have no idea why. But watching this movie, has shown me that he is a great actor. There wasn’t a point during the film what I thought of him at Jake Gyllenhaal; he played the unique and clever detective, who gets close to the case as it goes along, very well. He’s gone up in my books and it great in the film.

It’s a long film, I mean it’s over two hours but it feels long because of the pace it has to do for the justice of the theme. Why, when I left the cinema, the guy behind told his friend ‘God that felt like 6 hours’ and it did but the film was worth it.

Overall, the cast were really incredible. The film, directed by Denis Villeneuve, is suspense, tense and never lets you work out anything for yourself and it will surprise you.

Prisoners: 8.5/10

Highlight of the Day: Seeing Prisoners.

Lowlight of the Day: Being stuck at Uni for an hour in a hot stuffy room, where you feel like you could pass out at any moment.


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