Vvvvrrooooommmmm. Vrroooommm. Vrroooooommm.

I know it’s a bit late I guess to review this film seeing as it has been out for a while but still, I’ll give a quick review about the film.

Firstly, I’m impressed that the director and the whole company were able to create a film about formula 1 and make it really interesting. You can see the tension and competition between the two drivers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Nikki Lauda (Daniel Brühl –  who plays Frederick Zoller in Inglorious Basterds) –  although I wish there was a bit more rage between them.

Many reviews have said how brilliant Hemsworth is and how the film is all about his character James Hunt, but to be honest the film is about both of them and I think the star of the film is Daniel Brühl. The film shows his character as a businessman as well as an ace driver and using his brain and his skills he can accomplish almost anything. However, things go wrong during a race (it’s in the trailer so it’s not a spoiler) and Lauda goes to hospital. Brühl is amazing during the recovery scenes and how his character is determined to get back on the track and keep his World Champion title.

If I had to pick a bad thing, I wish there was more scenes behind the driving. There were a few but a few more emotional scenes would have made it perfect.

Overall, it’s a great film because of the acting – I didn’t think hey it’s Thor, I thought it’s James Hunt and there’s Lauda – and the fact that it can make the sport really interesting and tense.

Rush: 7.0/10

In Other News: I don’t know what it is or if other people have experienced it but in the last five days I have had five near-experiences of conkers falling from a tree as I walk under it (on the path) and being an inch away from me. I know, I know it’s Autumn so i should expect it but it’s never happened before. I was wondering if I was meant to be an inch to the left so the conker could fall on my head and I would get an Isaac Newton moment…even though that was an apple it could work with a conker, right?

Highlight of the Day: Finding a £5 note in the cash out part of a self-service checkout in a shop. There was no one there when I approached it so the £5 note had been there for a while. I took it. I know bad but the self-service machine wouldn’t actually let me scan my item until I had taken ‘the change from the machine. it told me. And secondly, if I went to a worker and told them, it’s not likely a customer would come back and ask – how would they prove it? – and if they didn’t then the worker would have taken it.

Lowlight of the Day: Being locked in my room for most of the day – but it was for Uni work so it wasn’t pointless. it was worth it. It just sucks it was sunny outside.


4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Rush

  1. Rush has only been out here for a week or two, and only in limited release, so it’s nice to get a normal person’s perspective.

    I found $20 in an ATM once. Like you, no one was around, so I kept it. I don’t think that’s bad; I think that’s karma shining down on you for some reason.

    1. Oh wow, I thought the UK would be the one of the last places for the film to be released to. Thanks, I’m glad people like my views – I hope it helps if you are thinking of seeing it and have not seen it yet.

      Really? (in a shocked voice) that is a lot – much more than £5. I think all you can do is keep the money instead of it not being used. And I think I like your idea of the karma shining down on me. Although I have just accidentally broken one of my mate’s cable/leads so I think the £5 was karma telling me that I will be using the money soon to pay for something I will break.

      1. Maybe karma was just making sure you still broke even? I’m trying to be positive here.

        I was totally shocked about the $20. I always pick up pennies and other change, and the occasional bill, but I’d never found that much before.

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