Firstly, I haven’t posted in the last two days as I have been trying to finish my showreel demo, which i think I have done but it probably needs to be checked my someone. Basically, I have been working on it since Wednesday everyday in the studio and editing suite and I have come to the point where I really like it but I am now sick of redoing and making it. And if I have to do it again, I won’t be happy.

Filth is a film starring James McAvoy and Jamie Bell and I am going to be quick reviewing it. Basically, to start with i have been told my people if you read the book and then the film you will understand the film a lot more and will like it quite a lot. Sadly I haven’t read the book.

In a few words, the film is flippin’ crazy and weird. It follows a detective called Bruce (McAvoy) who is trying to get a promotion and try and knock the competition. On the way, he looses it and has weird visions and wants a lot of sex. Now the trailer makes it look like there is going to a lot of sex in it but to be honest there isn’t a lot so don’t let that fool you.

Now there are moments where the film is quite hilarious but I did feel all the way through it ‘why is this going?’ and ‘what is happening?’. I mean I don’t like a film to basically spell the storyline and plots out to me, I like to work it out, be surprised and react and engage in the emotions in the film but I like to understand some of it. And although there is a storyline in this film and a few surprises (especially at the end) I was just left at the end of the film like ‘what on earth…’. I love random films but this was just weird.

Filth: 6.0/10

Hightlight of the Day: Finishing the showreel. Well, at least my first attempt of one.

Lowlight of the Day: The fact that I may have to add or chance some of the radio presenter showreel demo.


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