McLovin; Stare, Twist And Walk Away

Well this evening I was walking back from a mate’s house and it was really weird. As I went down a street, I walked passed a house where for some very strange reason there was a person standing at their door looking out onto the road, but nothing was on the road. I walked passed and didn’t say anything or look, I just carried on moving forward.

Then I heard strange banging noises coming from a house, possibly the same house where the person was – I don’t know – and the banging didn’t sound like it was someone hammering a picture on a wall. I turned around to see where the noise was coming from, only to then see the person at the doorway, who I found out then was a female, was staring right at me. It was awkward. So I did a McLovin; stared at the person, twist myself around and walked away – but luckily I didn’t say what time it was. Look at the video below to understand. 

Awesome soundtrack by the way.

In other news today has been… well the weirdest day at Uni…so far. I was at Uni for over nine hours when I actually only had a three lecture in the morning. And it was weird because I was there discussing with my mates and sorting out Uni and personal stuff – (not my personal stuff – others). I would tell you what the problems were (the other people’s personal dilemmas) but I think that if people have told you something in confidence and trust you and it has nothing to do with you – unless it’s something like they are planning to do a crime, kill or do something just as terrible as that where you must tell someone – then you shouldn’t tell anyone else. But I was able to help the people out with their problems. It was quite nice to help because they listened and they thought I did actually make sense. Seeing as I want to work on both sides of the radio (behind and on-air) maybe i should have a radio show where I help people’s problems?

With the Uni course mates’ dilemmas (once again not my problem but someone else’s (and the problem isn’t about me)) I was able to make some key points and make valid suggestions.

After basically solving their Uni problems (e.g. like asking what would I do in their position) one person said: “You’re a lot more sensible than people take you for Jamie.” – which can be taken as a compliment or an insult to an extent but I went for the compliment.

To which I said: “Well I think people know I am but I’m just dirty-minded and like to have fun.” – which is true.

So to sum up today, I have been a friend when people have needed it very much and for the rest of the time acted like a work colleague when they someone to make decisions or hear my opinions.

P.S. During, a work practise, my friend Zoe was the studio producer and when trying to get the two presenters in the studio to be better, instead of saying off-air ‘you need to sound more enthusiastic’, she wrote on a paper saying ‘Be Less Shit!’ and put it to the window. So I ask you Mondays (and potentially) other days, to ‘be less shit!’ and make the last year of Uni brilliant for everyone. If possible.

Highlight of the Day: Hmmm…. Having a right laugh with my mates at their house this evening about… well random stuff.

Lowlight of the Day: It’s been busy…and not necessarily Uni work, more people’s Uni-related problems.


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