REVIEW: Captain Phillips

If pirates attacked your ship. Somali pirates that is. What would you do? Well this film, based on a true story looks at that. Keeping this review short, the film looks at how Richard Phillips – the captain of a cargo ship – dealt with some Somali pirates when they attacked the boat and was taken hostage by them. Tom Hanks who plays Captain Phillips is incredible in the film there was no point during the film when I went ‘it’s Tom Hanks’ I generally felt he was a captain of a ship – don’t you hate it when you watch films are the main chracter is someone really famous and all you do is think ‘it’s not…(their character’s name), it’s Robert De Niro or it’s Jackie Chan’? Well you don’t with this film and Tom Hanks.

The film had some clever moments – how Captain Phillips secretly tells his crew (who are hiding) how to hurt/slow down the pirates when he is showing the pirates around the cargo ship. But – this isn’t a spoiler as it is in the trailer – when Captain Phillips is taken hostage by the pirates in a lifeboat, (this is a SPOILER) after their first scene in the lifeboat and the pirates are refusing to open the door to let some fresh air inside I did wonder what do the pirates and the Captain do when they want to go to the toilet and relieve themselves? Because there isn’t a toilet in the boat. I mean if you are directing a film about someone being taken hostage or trapped in an enclosed area you have to tell the audience how they solve the toilet problem. And luckily they did, because it lead to a key moment in the film – that might sound weird/wrong but it does. Below is the pic of the lifeboat:

At the end (because it’s a true story we know the Captain survives) the Captain is taken to the Navy ship and the crew do a health check on him. Well, the Captain is in shock after being rescued but the woman doing the health check keeps asking him ‘are you ok?’ and ‘you’re doing great’ or ‘awesome’. I’m sorry but if that was me I think I would have shouted and told her to let me take it all in. Anyway – overall – the film is great because it’s tense and it makes you wonder what would you do in the scenario – and Hanks is incredible in the film.

Captain Phillips: 7.2/10


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