REVIEW: Ender’s Game

Now according to Cineworld, it’s Harrison Ford’s first film in Space since ‘a little thing called ‘Star Wars”. And I guess if that is the case then you have to pretty much expect it’s good! Ender’s Game was first a book, written a while back and has just been turned into a film. Ender (Asa Butterfield) is chosen to join a special training camp where they are training children to become great in the military force so they can control an army and defeat the alien species that holds a threat against them.

Now firstly I have to say the visual effects are incredible. It looks as those the cadets  are actually in space – much better than what Star Wars had back in the 70s. The storyline is good and you see how Ender and the other cadets train to potentially command an army. One of the parts I like is the team game they play in some sort of glass dome, where there is no gravity and have to make it to the other team’s gate.

I don’t want to give any spoilers so I am going to do my best not too. I liked the film because you were following Ender and how he is the best to defeat the alien species. However, there is a bit at the end of the film where he is lied too and because you are following Ender you feel liked you have also been lied too. In fact, you feel so lied too – it’s a twist but not massive like the killer is… – that you kind of want some of your cinema ticket money back. Basically, what I’m trying to say is although I liked the scenes that were at the end, they didn’t feel like the final scenes; it feels like there should be more scenes to actually finish the film off properly. And it’s because of this almost cheated on bit that I generally can’t decide what to make on it – apart from I know Sir Ben Kingsley’s accent did not sound very great whether he was trying to be Australian, South African or from New Zealand (I said all three because it was that weird, I couldn’t tell which he was meant to be) – I know the cast are great (such as Hailee Steinfield (from True Grit (Coen Brothers remake), Viola Davis and Abigail Breslin) and there are some laughs, actions scenes, and clever bits and twists but because of the ending I felt…pfft…wanting more because there should have been more. I felt cheated like Ender – if you go and watch the film you will know what I mean.

Ender’s Game: 6.8/10

Highlight of the Day: Relaxing and going to the cinema. As you can tell I love films.

Lowlight of the Day: Deciding that this weekend I am spending it all on Uni work – which shouldn’t be bad so I say this is a positive way. Sort of. No I am seriously. Although I may take some time out to watch the American Football game which is in the UK this Sunday. But most of it will be Uni work.


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