REVIEW: Thor: The Dark World

Grab your hammer. Swing it and let it whisk you off to the cinema because Thor: The Dark World is worth seeing. Superhero films are pretty hot right now – no one can deny it – and the latest is based on what happens to Thor (and Loki) after The Avengers (back in Summer 2012). With a different feel to it then the 2011 Thor film, this sequel is still as good as the first if not (in my eyes) much better.

The film focuses around when the nine worlds (e.g. Earth, Asgard (where Thor is from) and Svartalfheim (where the Dark Elves – the villains – come from)) are to soon to line up – happens every 5,000 years – and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) tries to stop the dark elf Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston) from collecting something which will make him very powerful and try and turn all the worlds dark, hence the title.

Following the witty scripts all the Marvel films have its no surprise that this film also has lots of comedy in it. Some would say too much, but I believe if it makes you will laugh, and trust me it will, then it’s all good. The script has those hilarious moments and the actors do really well to keep it fun yet at the same time be serious and not be silly; from Darcy’s (Kat Dennings) fiery remarks  to Dr Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) having what appears to be a mental breakdown in England. I’ll mention it now, the car key scene with Darcy and the Intern’s Intern, Ian (Jonathan Howard). But it’s the witty comments that back and forth between Thor and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) when they join together to stop Malekith that are the funniest. Plus Thor still trying to understand some of the things humans have or do contributes. There are also quite a few cameos in the film too, which help make the film funnier. Despite the comedy, the film is still dark and the humour doesn’t remove what is happening to at Asgard. In the second half there are quite a few ‘Hammer swings’ – shocks and surprises – in your face that dampen the mood and bring you back to the fact that someone – that very bad elf – is trying to destroy the worlds.

Like always, I like to point out or say something that I wish the film could have done to improve it and like Iron man 3 and other Superhero films, I wish there were more scenes with the main villain (Malekith), just so you truly get how bad this guy – sorry elf – really is.

Overall, in my opinion the film is great because not only do you find out what happens when Jane (Natalie Portman) and Thor meet again but there’s action, sadness, more action, a villain trying to destroy worlds (including Earth – and it’s good to point out that when they are on Earth it’s not flippin’ New York like it is in every disaster or superhero film, instead it’s the second most used city, London), a villain from another Marvel film who is forced to help Thor, some pretty incredible effects to make Space look amazing and a lot of witty superhero and human humour. Another great film for Phrase 2 for Marvel. For me, it’s better than Iron Man 3.

Thor: The Dark World: 8.2/10

P.S. If you go and watch it, wait and watch some of the credits because the first extra clip is very intriguing and you get to see a new character and place. A character who will be in a few of the next lot of Marvel films.

Highlight of the Day: Apart from the film. As I walked back from the cinema this evening, a group of drunken Uni students (male and female) who were dressed up as zombie school kids ran across the road. One of the girls ran and smacked straight into a Bus Stop. She was OK but oh it was so funny.

Lowlight of the Day: Having to walk back in the pouring rain after watching the film.


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