REVIEW: Gravity

“I hate space” says Ryan Stone, a female medical engineer (Sandra Bullock), and after the horror she goes through in this film, I can’t blame her for saying it. I’ll say it LOUD AND C L E A R pretty much everything you can think of go wrong, goes wrong for Ryan Stone. There have been amazing reviews about it and there have been bad reviews about it and I believe some critics don’t like it because so much bad stuff happens to the astronaut. Everything understands that the main character – hero possibly – has to go through some tough tasks and challenges in order to achieve and win the audience but in this film so much things go wrong for Sandra Bullock that you end of sighing out loud in the cinema. At one part at the end, when something bad AGAIN happened to Stone there was a loud collection of breathing out, tutting and awwwwing because the audience in the cinema couldn’t believe something else was happening. I get that the director made Stone face nearly-death moments so that it looks really good and that Bullock may win an Oscar but they do say too many cooks [accidents in this case] spoil the broth [film].

I apologise because I normally start with the positives but I started with that topic first as it was something that not only did I find annoying but the whole audience did. Some people even laughed at the end because ‘yet again Stone is in trouble’. Seeing as I am on a roll with the negatives, I’ll continue and end on a high – best scroll down to near the end if you want to read the good parts. The other thing I found really really REALLY annoying was when – don’t worry it’s in the trailer – everything first goes wrong and the station/spacecraft is ripped apart (you see Sandra Bullock start spinning away) due to a debris – basically a Russian space station is destroyed but all the parts explode and then, fast than a bullet, blast around the Earth, which sadly crashes through the space station that Ryan Stone, Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and other astronauts are at. It’s not the terrible scenario which is what I found annoying – that was depicted very well and it look very realistic – it was the musical score that went with it. When the debris hits the space station, there’s very dramatic music that tries to make the scene even scarier and tenser. Normally, I would accept this and like it but in this scene, there shouldn’t have been any musical score. At the beginning of the film words appear on the screen and are about space; how there is no sound, no oxygen and no air pressure in space. The scene would have been much scarier for the audience if all they could hear during the crash is the voices of the astronauts speaking to one another through the radio and the slight sounds they might hear of things hitting them and the station. My problem is that if there is meant to be no sound in space and the director has specifically mentioned that fact at the beginning of the film, about there is no sound, then why have a musical score over the scene and completely remove the whole point about how lonely and quiet it is in space. At the beginning the film starts so quietly that you can only just hear the astronauts talking back to people at N.A.S.A. – you can sadly and annoyingly hear people around you eating sweets – so why add music that doesn’t need to be there – it ruined that what-was-meant-to-be-terrifying-if-I-was-there-scene.

I rant possibly but it’s over with…nearly. My other thing is that during the film you do sometimes connect with the main character or at least understand them but at the end when something happens you feel that Stone should be more emotional with what has happened – trying to say it without spoilers is difficult. If you see the film you will think that Ryan Stone would be more emotional at the end.

Now good points. I’m going to be quick with them. First, effects = Spectacular. As soon as I saw the first trailers I knew that this film was going to be different to other films. And that is because of the visual effects. I have never seen a Sci-fi/Space film where the Earth, Space, Stars etc look so incredible and realistic. So bravo for making that great Mr. Director. Secondly, the camera angles and how you feel like you are also in space is amazing too. It’s not like other Sci-fi films where you only see the astronauts spin in space, Alfonso Cuarón (the director) has made it so as the astronauts spin in space you (the picture) also spins slowly – as if you too are an astronaut. Really if you want a reason to watch the film it’s because of the visual effects and the way the film was directed. There is also a good bond between Bullock and Clooney in the few scenes they have and there are some moments when the film grabs you (be it when when Stone is spinning uncontrollably away from everyone and is alone or the tense scene between Stone and Kowalski). Overall, the film had a lot of potential and due to the oh-so-many-problems Stone faces it gets a bit pffft, you still like the film but you get annoyed with it at the same time. A hero should face many challenges but not too many.

Gravity: 7.0/10 (due to the cast, the stunning out-of-this-world effects (sorry had to do at least one space joke) and directing. If the plot/emotion was better it would have way gone up).

Highlight of the Day: You may not believe it but seeing the film.

Lowlight of the Day: I said yesterday I wanted to do some useful Uni work. And well, I tried to do research for one of the assignments, which I found difficult – trying to find examples of when freedom of expression has been restricted by the broadcasting law. Although, trying to see the positive of it, it showed me that I will have to put a lot of work into it, keep being motivated and research a lot. I have look at some case studies (examples) that I could use but I will have to keep searching.


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