REVIEW: Last Vegas

With all-star cast, this film will definitely make you laugh. As one of them is getting married (Michael Douglas), four senior men (Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline) had off to Las Vegas – obviously – to go and have a great bachelor party weekend before the wedding. However, all is not OK between Paddy (De Niro) and Billy (Douglas). 

Within the first few minutes when you see the four kids be in a cool gang in the 50s to then how they are 58 years later, the film already has you laughing. It’s a funny yet also rude and crude and dirty at some points – expect drinking, sexy ladies, fighting, clowns, drag queens even RedFoo and 50 Cent – and in addition at times emotionally and gets you wonder what you will be like at their age – hoping I won’t be sitting around all day – and getting the most out of life. It’s like The Hangover with seniors – yet one of them doesn’t go missing nor do they forget what they did the night before – and the variety of ages that were in the audience; there were young teenagers, families, couples, friends and even the older ones were laughing. Despite one or two bits predictable, it’s a film that is funny for everyone no matter who you are.

Last Vegas: 7.2/10


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