REVIEW: The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf on Wall Street is about the huge rise and fall of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), a fast-talking con man selling penny stocks to unsuspecting clients to earn an amazing 50% commission. 

What to say about this film? Well, the media has been covering all the reports about how the film admires and promotes drugs and animal cruelty – no it doesn’t. The film simply addresses it and due to the consequences of what happens in the film I think it makes it clear you shouldn’t. Anyway, this film is wild, weird, sexy, hilarious and amazing. From awkwardly yet hilarious moments to nudity sex scenes this film covers a lot in three hours. DiCaprio is at his best in this film: he pushes his boundaries of acting and becomes incredible as the main lead. Jonah Hill is another great actor in this film, though his character is weird, Hill also helps bring the comedy factor to the film. As for Margot Robbie who plays Belfort’s sexy wife, Naomi, – wow she is very attractive – Robbie is also great, from being sexy and naughty to feeling hurt and hating Belfort, she also shows a range of acting skills in the film. 

Overall, I could be sat here for ages going on about the film, I loved the plot, the wackiness, the characters, the weird scenes and dialogue, the bizzarre sex and drug scenes – when DiCaprio tries to get to his car is hilarious  – but all I can simply say it you must see this film. I’d love DiCaprio to get an Oscar for this, though he is has tough competition. But this is film I have never seen before, it’s unique, amazing, out-of-this-world. Incredible. YOU MUST SEE THIS FILM even if it is totally bizarre!

Favourite Lines:

A scene where Naomi (Robbie) is arguing with Jordan (DiCaprio):

Jordan: (angrily confused) Who? Who?

Naomi: What are you an owl?

The Wolf Of Wall Street: 8.9/10


4 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Wolf Of Wall Street

  1. That scene really pissed me off. It was blatantly stolen from the 1995 movie Heat. The line was not delived even close to as well as Al Pacino did in there.

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