REVIEW: The Double

A comedy focusing on a man called Simon James (Jesse Eisenberg) who is in love with a girl he works with called Hannah (Mia Wasikowska) yet is driven insane by the appearance of his doppleganger, James Simon (Jesse Eisenberg).

From Richard Ayoade (director of Submarine and actor in The IT Crowd and the film The Watch) comes this amazing quirky film. The way it’s crafted is elegantly brilliant and Jesse Eisenberg’s duel roles performance is incredible: the nervous Simon, who no one remembers, to the confident, popular yet deviant James. The film is cleverly scripted and you can easily tell that the directing and music has been carefully thought about by Ayoade. Although it’s only 93 minutes long – and I wish it was longer – the small film has a lot of quality scenes in it; from comedy to romance to a thriller-ish sense this film has a lot to offer. And there are parts where you feel sorry for Simon (the nervous one) be it because he is scared to speak to Hannah, feels alone as everyday he has to sign in to work as a visitor because his card doesn’t work and no one remembers him – and you also connect and can relate to the character.

And the end of the film didn’t disappoint – when leaving the cinema some guys in front of me couldn’t understand the ending, but trust me it’s not that hard to work out – with a great cast (including Sally Hawkins and Wallace Shawn), superb script and directing, and some amazing acting, this film is a must see and leaves you thinking about it for a long while after you’ve left the cinema.


The Double: 8.4/10




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