REVIEW: Divergent

A thrilling action-adventure set in a future world where people are segregated by personality type. A hundred years after a devastating war, Chicago has been divided into five factions. Each is defined by its members’ dominant personality trait: Erudite (intelligence), Dauntless (bravery), Abnegation (selflessness), Amity (friendship) and Candour (honesty). As teenagers, all citizens undergo rigorous testing to determine which faction they belong to. Born into an Abnegation family, Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior (Shailene Woodley) discovers that she’s the rarest of all humans – a ‘divergent’, with multiple aptitudes. Her very existence being a threat to the established order, she conceals her true nature and chooses to join the Dauntless faction.

Now firstly in order to like the film, you going to have to believe that people in this futuristic city can only have one set-mind and follow that group (apart from Divergents), because otherwise you’ll be just thinking all the way through the film “hey how can these people only fit into one group? Everyone has many different attitudes and personalities. What a load of BEEP!” The film starts off with a good introduction to the city, Chicago – where at first you’re like “wow look at that city, to say there was a massive war, it seems ok” and then as you get nearer you can see the ruins and holes in the skyscrapers and you just think, “oh no, Chicago had it bad” – and you meet Beatrice, her family and then how she and others have to choose what faction she has to be in. However, luckily for the plot, Tris doesn’t fit into one specific faction, she is a Divergent [TENSE MUSIC].

As the film goes on you get to learn more about the city and the Dauntless faction – who Tris chose and like to jump out of trains, climb buildings and play some painful capture the flag games. But boy are the trainers (Eric – Jai Courtney and Four – Theo James) tough on the new comers – and you also get understood more about Divergents and why people think they are bad. However, the whole film spends too much looking at the training stage, majority of the film is Tris trying to become a Dauntless, it’s actually the only last 50 minutes where things get serious and Tris has to persuade the council in a task that she is meant to be Dauntless and isn’t a Divergent and then later has to kick some butt to save the Dauntless and the Abnegation factions as something bad has happened due to Jeanine (Kate Winslet) – who is hardly in the film. Though everything that happened in the training period was interesting, it did drag on a little – there needed to be more drama and tension with the whole being a Divergent, which I’m sure will happen in the sequels.

In The Hunger Games – the first film – you had Katniss, then her being in the training sessions (for an hour of the film) and then the rest of the film (another hour) was the serious part of the film where she is in the games. With Divergent, you had Beatrice, the test and choosing a faction, the training (which was like most of the time) and then, for the last 30 or so minutes, the dramatic change in the film where Tris and others had to stop the council from killing people. Plus I wanted to know where the Dauntless, who are basically the army/policemen of the city, guard the wall, which surrounds the city – apparently there’s things out there yet we don’t see any of it. Maybe it will be answered in the sequels who knows.

But my finally thoughts, there’s a great cast with a good concept. Do I think it will be bigger than The Hunger Games or Harry Potter franchise? No, but the film is still definitely worth seeing.

Diveregent: 7.0/10


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