REVIEW: Tracks

A young woman, Robyn Davidson (Mia Wasikowska) goes on a 1,700 mile trek across the deserts of West Australia with her four camels and faithful dog yet against her will has to get photos taken by photographer Rick Smolan (Adam Driver) for the sponsor of the trip. I never released the noises camels make until I saw this film!

The film takes a while to get into. But not as in the sense where it takes ages for Robyn to actually plan and eventually start the trek (because the film see her arrive in Alice Springs where she – after working and getting a sponsor – starts the trek). What I actually mean is that because there is constantly a beautiful music score occurring in the beginning: the song does not seem to stop for a while, which made the film seem like it took a while until it felt like the story started. For example, at the beginning of a film (say a rom-com) there will be a song playing whilst you see the overview of New York, then the main streets and then when you see the main character walking down the street the opening song will fade or stop when they first speak or enter a building. With Tracks, the opening song needed to stop and breathe.

Look at the first paragraph again. There was something in this story, which is mentioned in the first paragraph, where I just kept thinking throughout the duration of the film “please tell me it’s going to be ok”, “please tell me it’s going to be ok”  – I won’t say what IT was but because I hated the idea this thought just kept throbbing in my head like a painkiller. Sadly my worries for correct – if you see the film you will know what I mean. There was also a moment where everyone jumped and breathed in the air in shock  whilst Robyn was asleep and something bad could have happened.

However, now for the positives. Mia Wasikoska is brilliant in the film despite that I wished the film show her character suffer more when she gets into a bit of trouble on her trip. And I like the moments between Robyn and photographer Smolan even if I agreed with Robyn that he seemed a little annoying. And yet there chemistry between Robyn and Eddie (Roly Mintuma), who escorts her through the spiritual parts of the track, is brilliant and very touching. Not to mention Eddie is a funny guy.

The film overall is about a woman who just wants to be alone yet gets more than what she hoped for. There is some amazing cinematography. The film’s good and thought-provoking and although I wish the film had more scenes when Robyn is lost and suffering on the trek, Tracks has some defined moments and emotional at points.

Tracks: 7.0/10


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