REVIEW: Godzilla

The world’s most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. However, at the same time Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is trying to stop the monsters and get back to his wife (Elizabeth Olsen) in San Francisco. 

Firstly, this will contains SPOLIERs. Now what I like about this film is that Godzila is not the only creature in this film. From only seeing the trailers, I was surprised there was another huge monster-like creature in the mist. Although, my problem was that when the weird egg hatches at the beginning of the film, I was very confused as to why this creature looked nothing like Godzilla and had weird legs and could fly. Similar to the scientists (Dr Ishiro Serizawa – Ken Watanabe – and Vivenne Graham played by Sally Hawkins) in the film and at the same time as them, I realised this was not an evolved Godzilla or its offspring and was in fact another creature – Godzilla arrives later. It was slightly confusing – despite the fact that the film was done like that so you learn when the scientists do. However, I loved the whole reason and connection between Godzilla and these two weird Muto creatures. How Joe Brody (Ford’s dad played by Bryan Cranston) believes the sounds are talking to another sound and later instead of thinking the Muto is talking to Godzilla – as Godzilla is trying to find it and kill it – Dr Serizawa realises that the Muto is talking to another Muto they found in 1999. The whole connection and reason why there is this hunting scenario is pretty cool. 

Mentioned above, I said about Joe Brody who is played by Bryan Cranston. Before seeing the film, I thought Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston were the main characters – heck, the trailers features a lot of Bryan’s character and voice – yet the guy is only in it at the beginning (I won’t spoil what happens) and only Taylor-Johnson’s character is the main focus, who by the way is pretty good in the film – as it Elizabeth Olsen, well in the few scenes she is in. Another factor, I like in the film apart from the casting and the aim of the story, is that the film doesn’t focus on New York (has nothing to do with it – which the 1998 did), it looks at various locations such as Japan, Hawaii and San Francisco. 

However, the annoying thing about this film is that Godzilla…well…when the army are wanting to blow-up the creatures, Dr Serizawa manages to persuade them (instead of killing lots of people) to let nature take its toll and let Godzilla kill the Mutos before they mate and reproduce lots of other mini Mutos – I like the concept of having Godzilla fight the other creatures. But what I didn’t like is that although they are both creatures that could destroy the human race, Godzilla is not really in much of all the film. I understand that the Mutos are a bigger threat (due to the fact there are two and will nearly reproduce) but Godzilla is not the focus even though it is the name of the film, which is a shame despite the reason why the creature isn’t. It is as if, in my opinion, the Mutos are the main focus and Godzilla just features in it, when really I want Godzilla to be in the film a lot more.

Moving away from that slight annoying point, I loved the visual aspect of the scenes – especially the scene when Ford Brody jumps outs of the plane and as he falls down to San Francisco with other army men, the red smoke appears above them – and the whole glimpses, from the side, of the city and the men getting nearer with the red smoke and the horrible stormy weather with city buildings burning is spectacular. 

Overall, there are some great moments – from action-packed to even some sad moments – and the film’s visual effects and plot are great. I liked it yet I just wish Godzilla was in the film more.

Godzilla: 7.0/10


One thought on “REVIEW: Godzilla

  1. Good review Jamie. This one worked for me because it was all about the build-up. Sure, the characters weren’t all that interesting, but the cast at least tried hard enough to sustain my interest while the main attraction wasn’t around.

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