REVIEW: Begin Again

After seeing the trailer, I wasn’t sure this would personally be my sort of film. However, with the right amount of humour and emotion being put into the scenes this film which sees a fired producer and a singer create an album together (and record the music around and outside New York) is quite a hit that beautifully captures the passion of making music.

The music in the film isn’t bad and there’s a good supporting cast with Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley that helps the film be more than just a film about a human being wanting to be a singer in New York. Though there are moments that may not have been repeated at the beginning of the film, it overall is a feel-good film that mixes music, human emotions and humour together nicely.

One of my favourite scenes I should add is when Mark and Keira’s characters listen to music together (with two connected headphones) whilst walking around New York and taking in the lyrics and the views and atmosphere. Bliss.

Begin Again: 7.2/10


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