After unwillingly getting some new type of drug in her body, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is able to use more than just the 10% of her brain that the average human uses.

Flickering at the beginning with Lucy and a lecture with Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman), who has studied and made theories about what would happen if a human used more than 10% of their brain, the film then sees Lucy trying to collect the remaining bags of the specific drug and meet the Professor whilst trying to stop Mr. Jang – the man who captured her.

There are certain elements that worked well. For instance, when Lucy experienced something strange happening with her body, the film flicks back to when the Professor talked about parts of Earth going through immortality or reproduction. At the beginning he essentially explains what could happen if humans could exceed beyond the suggested 10% brain capacity that they use, as well as its responses to certain environments that would allow the brain to submit to immortality or reproduction. Basically, if the subject doesn’t like their environment, they would choose immortality and move elsewhere and things adaptions may occur, but if they were happy with their setting, they would be relaxed and inclined to reproduce (complete with images of every species engaging in intercourse). If, say, humans could reach up to 40%, they could manipulate matter (footage of a magic show is juxtaposed here as an example). One student asks Norman what would happen if humans reached 100%. He says he has no idea. 

The concept is very interesting to think about as the film progresses even if some parts are odd – e.g. what happens to Lucy in the finale scenes. It’s a short film yet it means that the movie can get to the point and not unnecessarily drag, even if I would have liked more scenes where we see Lucy use her ‘powers’. It’s an unique styled film, with slight humour and a fair amount of action and violence. It overall makes you ponder on if this were to actual happen.

Lucy: 7.1/10


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