REVIEW: The Purge: Anarchy

With the first film being a surprise hit, this sequel is set a year later when the Purge begins – when all crime is allowed for the night – and looks at how a group who forms together tries to survive the night. 

I haven’t seen the first film but it was easy to understand what was happening. There were a few twists as the film went along – such as who the certain masked and painted people were and what they were doing – and there were some shocking moments, such as when the people captured realised they were at an auction where they would be put in an enclosed layout and be hunted by some rich people who paid to play and shoot them – a Hunger Games sort of thing. Oh, and when a father of one of the main characters sells himself to a group of rich people to be killed so his daughter and granddaughter could have enough money to live was very tense, emotional and shocking.

Nevertheless, there were some predictable moments – for example the ending, which made the climax be nothing but climatic – yet as the film progressed you couldn’t help but wonder if they would all make it through the night.

The Purge: Anarchy: 6.0/10


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