Big Hero 6

Set in the futuristic city of San Fransoyko, the Disney film, which is inspired by a Marvel comic, focuses on a genius boy named Hiro who, with the help of some of his friends and a robot named Baymax, become almost superheroes and try and stop an evil villain. Big Hero 6 won Best Animation Film at the Oscars on Sunday and it’s easy to see why. Action-packed. Brilliantly and colourfully animated. It’s funny for adults as well as the kids – e.g. when Baymax acts almost drunk when he’s actually low on battery – and whilst it’s funny at times, the film also deals well with portraying the hard times of grieving, teenage anxiety and the confusion if getting revenge is morally and ethically right.

Though it’s understandable why there is a Scooby Doo formula – as that is what motivates Hiro to create the Big Hero 6 team – the plot is predictable, as is the reveal of the villain and motive. Nevertheless, the film is not trying to have the most amazingly shock twist ever or be complicated, Big Hero 6 is wonderfully visualised action-comedy film that tries to show what’s right and wrong to kids. It’s a good superhero origins story which I hope becomes a great franchise and willingness to expand, have a more complex plot and go deeper.

Big Hero 6: 7.2/10


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