Top 10 ‘Well That’s Ruined The Film ‘ Trailers

Ever seen a trailer and instantly know that there’s no need to go and watch the film because they’ve just basically crammed it all in that two-minute trailer? Yeah? Well recently I’ve been to the cinema with a lot of different friends and every time the trailer for the new Disney live-action Cinderella film pops up before the film starts, they’ve all said at different times to me ‘well there’s no point seeing the film now’ or ‘that trailer’s ruined the film for everyone’. And so, it got me thinking of other trailers that ruin the film and therefore here is the Top 10 ‘Well That’s Ruined The Film ‘ Trailers A.K.A Top 10 trailers that spoil the film –  if you want the non-original title.

Oh I should mention now, there are spoilers.

Some annoyingly reveal plot twists and others basically just show you the whole film in two minutes.

#10 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002):

So at the end of the first film of the trilogy, we all saw Gandalf fall to his death with some weird demon monster thing. Shocked. Having to blink so many times at the screen to see if we actually saw what we saw. No one could believe it. And then no one could believe that in the trailer for the sequel that they would show that Gandalf is alive and survived the ghastly ordeal. Though Gandalf being alive doesn’t ruin the whole experience of seeing the film, it’s still a pretty huge part of it. Although fans of the books would have known that was going to happen, why would you put a huge surprise like that in the trailer? “To shock people and lure them to go to the cinema and spend their money to see it” some may say. True, but still that doesn’t justify it.

#9 Final Destination 5 (2011)… oh what the heck all of the Final Destination films:

I like the whole concept of these films, perhaps over done now, but I like it. However, whenever one of the Final Destination films comes to the cinema, you can guarantee that the trailers will pretty much reveal the deaths of those who survived the original ordeal, which is so annoying and yet it’s what makes us want to go and see the film in the first place, so all in all, we should complain but can’t.

#8 Back To The Future: Part III (1990):

This isn’t about the theatrical trailer but the teaser trailer that comes right at the end of Back To The Future: Part II. Remember at the end of Part II (the futuristic one) the film shows a trailer of what to expect in Part III (the Western one)? Yeah, well there’s one part that personally really annoys me every time I watch Part II. Well, watching that trailer you get to see that Marty somehow makes it to the Western world of 1885, meets the Doc again, the DeLorean has problems, hats go flying, guns shooting, then Marty’s back on the porch in 1985 dressed like a cowboy and kissing Jennifer, being chased by Indians, a stream train , wait what? Marty is dressed up as a cowboy and is back in 1985 kissing his girlfriend on the same porch he left her in Part II? (Except from the metal bars on the windows – true BTTF fans will understand that part) Looks like there’s no  point watching the film if you wanted to know if he makes it back to 1985 then.

Though there’s still the adventure and comedy between Marty and the Doc and, in Part III, Mad Dog Tannen, I mean Buford Tannen, whoever was in charge of making this trailer should still be slapped around the face for putting that kissing clip in there. With Part II going from 1985 to the futuristic 2015 to an alternative 1985 to then back to 1955, could the person who put the clip of Marty and Jennifer in the trailer did it just so people will think there will be just as much time travelling as the second one? Possibly, but I highly doubt it.

#7 Terminator Salvation (2009):

Everyone loves plot twists. Fact. We all like to be surprised and shocked when we find something out and that totally changes the movie…like I said we like twists and turns when watching the film, not the trailer. Sadly, in this trailer the movie is ruined as it tells us that a main character is not a human but is in fact a terminator. What’s the use? There’s no point seeing it now. Apart from a few explosions I suppose. Nope forget it. Move on. Next!

#6 The Island (2005):

So people believe they are waiting to be sent to ‘The Island’ and yet this trailer shows that something isn’t right. If we watched the film we would see two humans who are waiting to go to the ‘The Island’ and then one of them starts questioning where they are staying and thinking something isn’t right. Then he would go and investigate and the film would naturally roll and along with the main character we would be shocked with so many plot twists and yet instead we’re told in the trailer. Two major things 1) “there is no island!” Ewan McGregor’s character shouts at Scarlett Johansson and 2) we later find out in the trailer that both main characters are in fact clones of real people and not humans. How to make up for the mistake in the trailer? Add explosion after explosion after explosion and some tension between McGregor and Johansson.

#5 Cinderella (2015):

Now this is most likely because everyone knows the story of Cinderella but watching the trailer, it practically shows you everything that happens in the classic story apart from the wedding. We see Cinderella isn’t happy with her step-mother and ugly step-sisters, we see there is a ball where the Prince will be, we see her family are mean to Cinderella, we see the fairy god-mother, oh my goodness god damn it we see bloody well everything! We even see the mice turn into horses! So with all this revealing what’s the point of seeing this film? And before you say it’s live-action and not animation like the original Disney film well my answer is we’ve already seen a live-action version of this story (though without the visual effects, which look good by the way), it’s called Cinderella the pantomime. With Maleficent, it looked at the already told story of Sleeping Beauty but was filmed from Maleficent’s point of view and background and had more than what was shown in the Disney animation version, and Into The Woods showed glimpses of the main Cinderella story but also had what happens after happily ever after, so after seeing this trailer, Disney better have more than just the original story in this Cinderella film, otherwise some people may not be happy.

#4 Goldeneye (1995):

Looking at this trailer you might think ‘what’s wrong with this? There are no spoilers? Well we learn that Sean Bean, 006, is the villain in the movie, which is fine if it was not the fact that he apparently died in pre-credits scene at the beginning of the film! Plot twist ruined! Someone grab me my coat, no you’ve not pulled, we’re just leaving!

#3 Free Willy (1993):

Two words. Willy escapes.

#2… …Wait a second let’s delve into this a little.

The trailer starts off well. It attracts you in, puts you in the whale’s position – what it would be like if you were captured and taken into an aquarium to be part of a show – and then you understand that this young boy, along with a couple of other people want to save Willy and put him back in the ocean so Willy can be back with his family. The trailer should have ended it there, but instead we get to watch them free Willy from the aquarium, put him on a trailer that is attached to a car and driven to the ocean, and we see him jump over some huge rocks in order to get into the ocean and be free. On the other hand, though we see him be free from the aquarium, you could argue that we never actually see the whale make it over the rocks and land back into the ocean or that the whale manages to swim away safely after landing the jump over the rocks. But I don’t think even the director would have wanted to see the whale jump short and squash the boy and land horribly wrong on the rocks.

#2 Cast Away (2000):

Now this film, which see Tom Hanks stranded on an island, is a great, powerful, emotional and brutal film. The reason why we watch the film is not just for the performance by Hanks, or for Wilson – WILSONNNNN!!! – but to see if Tom Hanks’ character Chuck will ever make it off the island alive and back to civilisation. And yet the two and a half minute trailer basically throws that motivation out of the window because it reveals that he does; one of his friends in the trailer says to Chuck “you were lost for four years, we had a funeral, coffin.” The only things that it doesn’t spoil is Hank using an ice skate to hit a tooth out of his mouth or Wilson’s horrible and eye-watering fate. Oops. I mean Wilson’s fate. Well it doesn’t matter because after all these years (just over fourteen when you think of the release date of the film), Tom Hanks finally met Wilson the volleyball again in February 2015 at a New York Rangers ice hockey game.

There’s a sequel there for you.

#1 Carrie (1976…and to a degree the 2013 remake):

Before I start, anyone else find it funny when the girl falls over her bike in the 1976 trailer after she calls Carrie names? I laughed pretty hard out loud.

Not only does the trailer show basically everything great, creepy and vital to the plot that happens in Carrie but there’s also a voice-over to explain everything in detail too. Sure the first half of the trailer is fine – it gives the setting, the info on Carrie and after we lean/are told she can move things with her mind, and then what should have happened was that the screen should have gone black and the voice-over guy should have said “and so with these powers, will she get her revenge?” BANG! Carrie appears on the screen and the trailer finishes. But no, we have to be told and shown that some kids are planning to pick on her, Carrie gets drenched in pig’s blood at the prom, then she goes crazy and we actually see how most of the characters die in the film. Big spoiler, yeah. I think I would have been pretty disappointed if I was alive in 1976 and saw this trailer and then went to see this film only to realise it’s all in the trailer which I didn’t have to pay to see.

Overall there are many trailers that spoil and ruin the film but I’d be here for my whole life writing them all up. Here are my top ten but are there any trailers that may you think ‘well what’s ruined the film’?


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