I’m a Radio Production Student at Univeristy of Gloucestershire, and love music, art, theatre, hockey, beach volleyball, volleyball, rollerskating, freeline skating and of course being random.

Music Blog: BlogThatMusic http://blogthatmusic.wordpress.com/
Personal Blog: https://jamiemarcuswade.wordpress.com/


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    1. Hey, yeah sure. Well some Universities have Radio Production as an arts degree or a science degree (the latter looks more technically at the production). I study at the Uni of Gloucestershire (UK) – a BA arts degree – and we’ve looked at creating and editing radio feature documentaries, radio dramas, specialist music shows, and we’ve also looked at Broadcast Law, interviewing for radio, radio magazine shows and how to build audiences for stations and shows – so the course it looking at various ways of broadcasting material on radio and how to be creative with audio. It’s a practical course (e.g. making things) although there are essays and reports to do. Just as a reminder look at what each University does because their Radio Production schedule/modules may be different to my universities – hope this helps 🙂

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