Mud – a film about two boys who find a boat stuck up a tree on a lonely island, who then find a mysterious man living there. The two boys, one in particular, help Mud (the man) to get back with his sweetheart. The film at some points feel long but you shouldn’t really mind that because it isn’t a film that is meant to be fast and all about action and drama. Yes there is action, drama and tense moments but that is because the film slowly but naturally builds up – like every good film it has to set the scene and emotions so that the audience can believe in what is going on. The cast is good and Matthew McConaughey and Tye Sheridan give a great performance. If I wanted the film to be changed in anyway it would maybe be add more scenes with Michael Shannon & Reese Witherspoon.

This film is not really one to watch if you are really tired and have nothing to do – because 1) you have to listen to understand what is happening and 2) as it purposely is a slow film you might get bored when really you shouldn’t.

Overall, a good in-depth film about friendship and trust – I love at the end where Mud (McConaughey) just shoots and dive back through a window. And when Tye Sheridan’s cries ‘You lied to me!’

Film rating – 7/10.


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